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Fantastische villa Westpunt Curacao te koop


Fantastische villa Westpunt Curacao te koop

A perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces, this 8,330 sq ft (774 sq. meter) home is located on Curacao’s west coast, near the village of Westpunt. Read below for a quick overview, or go to for a video and detailed description of this amazing home. Visitors to this extraordinary home will be stunned by the harmonious marriage of nature and architecture, forming a seamless landscape where marble merges with ocean and corral cliffs are as close as paintings on the wall. Designed by renowned Dutch architect and painter Marianne Cats, this magnificent home was lovingly crafted to be the manifestation of a dream. The breathtakingly beautiful 360-degree views are the envy of all who visit. Residents enjoy five star luxury accommodations in a unique space that inspires the awe and pride of owners and guests alike. Each of the 4 bedrooms is a master suite. Owners and guests enjoy the private experience of being in a hotel, with all the conveniences of a private residence. With the press of a button, the walls in the main living space open to reveal a perfectly seamless indoor-outdoor living environment. Whether you are in the kitchen, sitting area, or living room, you are enveloped by the view across the 140ft infinity pool to the Caribbean Sea. The custom design of the house follows the contours of the land to perfection. It is positioned for the best wind and view exposures, and offers countless comforts, conveniences and luxuries that are coveted by homeowners on Curacao, or anywhere else in the Caribbean. Environmentally friendly design elements were of primary importance in the conceptualization and construction of this magnificent home. Sustainably sourced, recyclable and natural materials such as natural stone, clay, glass and aluminum are thoughtfully integrated throughout the home. Its carbon footprint is small primarily because of the use of these materials. All of this was achieved without sacrificing the luxury and timeless elegance that a residence of this calibre commands. In addition to their environmental advantages, these premium natural materials are extremely long lasting, and will ensure that this house is the crowning jewel in any individual’s real estate portfolio for decades to come. Both the interior and the exterior of the house were designed with meticulous attention to water requirements. The water for the pool and garden irrigation can be supplied by either municipal water, or the home’s very own built-in, Reverse Osmosis Desalination System, which produces drinking-water-quality fresh water, on-demand directly from the sea. Solar panels provide hot water. Even the landscaping was painstakingly conceived and planted with exotic and flowering plants that are either native to the island, or have very little need for water. There is no house like it on Curacao.


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