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Curaçao Instead Of Aruba – USA Today Hot And Hotter List


WILLEMSTAD – USA Today published today the 10 best emerging destinations that are kind to your wallet and your time.

For years Aruba has been considered a more popular destination than Curaçao. To our amazement we see now little by little a change in this. This has to do of course with the efforts of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) and the people of the island.

USA Today 10 Best heads the Caribbean section with the phrase Curaçao instead of Aruba and continues describing it as follows:
“The Caribbean is a gorgeous and iconic vacation destination. Azure waves and cocktails with little umbrellas, what could be better?

Unfortunately, that’s what everyone else thinks, too. This popular region can be downright suffocating with crowds, especially during peak season.

If you’re seeking a relaxing time in the Caribbean, look to undiscovered Curaçao.

Check out its trendy Pietermaai District with restaurants, bars and boutique hotels, such as Mundo Bizarro and Ginger.

Curaçao’s hotels and attractions are scattered throughout the island, rather than centralized in one main street, creating a walkable city where tourists blend into local crowds. You’ll find a rich cultural heritage, outstanding European architecture, natural beauty and fantastic scuba diving.”

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