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Prudential Real Estate Curacao

Prudential Real Estate Curacao
Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

Prudential Real estate is in all aspect an innovative Real Estate Agency, whit his mission to revolutionize the real estate business in Curacao by offering wide-ranging kind of services.

As Real Estate Agent we aim to build a long-lasting portfolio of real estate properties. These properties will be listed as for Rent and for Sales through us, with our favorable innovative conditions.

Globalizing our portfolio to future potential buyers and tenants will ensure our success as a real estate operator


And Vision:

Prudential Real Estate primarily guarantees rent payment to the property owners. As property owner you can now sit and relaxed, while we take care of your exclusive property.

As property owner your monthly rent is not only guaranteed but always paid on time, without the exception if tenant have paid Prudential real estate or not.

We are the only real estate agents that do not require a deposit at signing. This makes your property a lot more attractive to rent for new tenants.

Last but and not least is… we as your future Real Estate agent also guarantee the state of your property, we make sure that you will receive your property back in the state as you have given it to us at signing.

The Benefits for real estate owners and tenants are numerous:

  1. Property owners can list with us and profit from our marketing tools without any additional cost.
  2. Prudential offers an intermediary service for property owners without the need to pay an upfront commission fee.
  3. Property owners are guaranteed of their rental income, Prudential guarantee the monthly payment on time.
  4. Prudential guarantees that your property will be delivered in its initial state at the end of each contract term.
  5. Prospective tenants can rent any property with Prudential without the need of paying a deposit.
  6. Prudential rental property management fee will be charge monthly afterwards

What do we offer?

  1. Prudential commits itself by paying property owners their monthly rent.
  2. Prudential will take care of the collection.
  3. Prudential will be at disposal of damages cause by tenants.
  4. Prudential has an extensive marketing and database to find potential buyers and tenants.
  5. Prudential relieves home owners of any additional administrative work.
  6. Home owners don’t have to spend any up front fee’s to Prudential.
  7. Prudential offers outdoors property maintenance management for apartment and/or business complex at additional cost.
  8. Prudential can also take care of your existing rentals contracts.
  9. Prudential offers you peace of mind.

Prudential management fees:

  • Prudential rental property management fee is 15% of the monthly rent.
  • Prudential outdoors property management maintenance fee is 5% of complex total rent amount.
  • Prudential fee on sales project is 4%.
Prudential Real Estate Curacao
Sta Rosaweg 192 E (Paseata winkelcentrum)
+599 9 7387783

+599 9 7670063

Meest recent:
  • Woning op Mini Resort in Jan Sofat te Koop
    te Koop: ANG 710.820

    Objectnr: 88530

  • Geweldige Villa in Vista Royal te Koop
    te Koop: ANG 2.565.000

    Objectnr: 88469

  • Prachtige Appartementen in Santa Rosa te Huur
    te Huur: ANG 850

    Objectnr: 88412 - Per Maand

  • Royale Villa in Vista Royal te Koop
    te Koop: ANG 1.961.000

    Objectnr: 88382


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